About us

“L o k u m l a n D” brand we began in 1989 retail sale of Turkish Delight and Special Turkish Sweets in the Grand Bazaar (Istanbu) where is the historical and one of the oldest and world famous shopping centers. In those years on the market in that we offered a more rich and high quality varieties and our business volume growth have made the difference between our counterparts in the Grand Bazaar.

“L o k u m l a n D” brand embarked on a journey to bring back Ottoman-Turkish cultures’ centuries old delicacies and habits that no longer enjoy the popularity they deserve today with universal touches and adaptations. Turkish Delight, and Akide Candies our almost forgotten cultural items that no longer receive the demand they deserve, came back to life,

meeting “L o k u m l a n D” designs, and began regaining their popularity in the national and international markets. Products with traditional taste and naturalness intact are produced in the highest standards using the most advanced technology, attaches importance to environmentally conscious and in human health.

Main philosophy of the brand is to bring back the delights, flavors, knowledge and beauty of offering gifts and treats of Ottoman-Turkish culture to modern life and setting their direction for the future based on its unique interpretation. Therefore be able to continue towards branding and achieve an organized structure throughout the world at certain points, would like to establish chain stores.